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At Wobu Web, we combine our web design and search engine optimization work to generate results. We operate transparently, provide lasting results, and continue to innovate.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase Your Visibility

SEO is the practice of increasing the rankings of a website in the search results which subsequently increases the amount of traffic drawn to a website. SEO can be the difference between a failing business and an industry leader. If you want to grow your business, your website needs to appear at the top of the relevant search results to increase your overall visibility to the target audience. 

Gone are the days of billboard and television advertisements. SEO isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.  We work with you to create a strategy that will boost your organic traffic and rankings. Don’t waste your money on billboards that 5,000 people see a day but don’t need your products/services. Instead, use SEO so that you can have hundreds and thousands of people actively searching for your products/services.

Website Design

Redefine Your Online Presence

Web design is critical in defining your online presence. Even the most basic web design principles can play a large factor in your business’ success. Businesses can no longer use a static HTML website to convert website traffic into paying customers. Nowadays, your website is an extension of your business. 

As the web grows, the ways businesses prioritize functional and quality designs has dramatically changed over the years. Your website can either convert viewers or drive them away. 

People want to work with legitimate and credible businesses that they can trust. Whatever goals you want to accomplish with a new website, it can be done with a quality web design. 

Website Support

A 24/7 Dedicated Team 

A website isn’t a build it and forget it kind of thing. It needs the tender love and care to keep it performing at maximum capability. The fact of the matter is that many business owners don’t know how to maintain a website or simply don’t have the time.

That’s where we come in. We are a team of web professionals that work 24/7 around the clock to keep you website working as it should. That includes updates, 24/7 edits, 24/7 uptime monitoring, and much more.

A website is a valuable asset that can help grow your business to new levels. Keep it at 100% so your business can get the most out of it.

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A Results Driven Digital Marketing Agency

To grow your business you need two things:  high-valued products/services and a steady flow of new customers. But the customers you want aren’t finding ways to your website — they’re going elsewhere.

So you have a decision to make.

Do you continue to run the same marketing strategy and settle for the same results?

Or do you find a New Orleans digital marketing agency who can find more customers and take your business to new levels?

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