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We Know SEO.

At Wobu Web, we believe in a better way of doing digital marketing. We focus on a more valuable and less “in your face” form of marketing where customers are earned rather than bought.

Our focus is on building quality websites packed with the necessary SEO properties to get your website found in search engines. We are overly obsessed with search engine optimization (SEO) and building a more impactful online presence for local businesses. Therefore, our goal is to simplify SEO and answer the many SEO questions out there through free education. 

Our Founding

Wobu Web was founded by Aaron Traub in 2016. He started as a college graduate from the University of Loyola New Orleans looking to make some extra cash by making websites for local businesses. 

A couple years later, he fully transitioned his once freelance career into a leading digital marketing agency in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Over the years, Aaron’s focus has remained the same, improve the online presence for local businesses. 

A New Leaf

With a broader focus on our marketing efforts as our focus, we’ve rebranded ourselves as a digital marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We’ve committed ourselves to providing our clients with consistent results and our community with free education to increase their knowledge of SEO. 

We love what we do and we look forward to showing you how optimize your website to appear higher in searches

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To Infinity and Beyond!

With SEO more important than ever, we’ve dedicated ourselves to learn every in & out of SEO so that we can help your business achieve higher rankings in search engines. We’ve made SEO our priority and we don’t plan on changing. 

We are consistently making improvements to our services to provide your business with the most consistent results. 


Where Does the Name "Wobu Web" Come From?

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