Getting Started With WordPress | 8 Things You Should Know

Before getting started with WordPress, check out these 8 important factors you should know before getting your feet wet with the most powerful content management system in the World!

For any small business owner looking to design a visually stunning and highly functional website, there’s simply no better alternative than WordPress. Getting started with WordPress for a beginner is no easy task as it does take time. However, there are thousands of blogs, forums, and youtube videos covering WordPress for beginners being made every day.

WordPress isn’t alone. There are other website creation platforms out there such as: Squarespace, Wix, Drupal to name a few. However, compared to other website creation platforms, WordPress has more features, options, and flexibility for building a highly customizable site. While WordPress has been around for more than a decade, it continues to remain fresh, inventive, and forward-thinking in helping people create beautifully designed websites.

With that being said let’s get started. Below are 8 things you should know before getting started with WordPress. 

#1: Getting started with WordPress. What is it?

WordPress is open source software that allows anyone to design a beautiful and functional website or blog. The “open source” part is what is so important – it ensures that the software is continually being improved upon, updated, and expanded in important new ways. Unlike traditional software, which is relatively inflexible and usually requires a lot of cookie-cutter templates and themes. WordPress is part of an innovative ecosystem of developers, coders and programmers that are always improving. 

#2: WordPress powers over 32% of the websites on the Internet today

That’s right. Nearly one in four websites that you visit is likely to be built on WordPress. Pretty crazy right! WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, powering over 50,000 WordPress websites. By some estimates, there are nearly 40 million global Google searches for “WordPress” every month as WordPress has become a truly global phenomenon.

And what’s really impressive is how many of the top sites in the world – as measured by monthly traffic – now use WordPress. For example, WordPress now powers 14.7% of the Top 100 websites in the world. And, if you take a big picture view of the Top 10,000 websites on the Internet, more than one-quarter (2,645) are powered by WordPress. In other words, you may have been spending a lot of time with WordPress and not even realized it!

#3: High profile businesses use WordPress

Time, The New Yorker, CNN, Forbes and MTV are just a few of the big-name companies that use WordPress. Brands and businesses of all sizes use WordPress – and that’s because they trust what WordPress delivers and how it performs. For example, top media companies use WordPress because it enables them to update content very dynamically. Top entertainment companies (including Sony Music, Variety and Disney) use WordPress because it enables them to showcase content in a very visual and beautiful way. As a result, if you scroll to the very bottom of many websites, you’ll often see the phrase “Powered by WordPress.”

#4: WordPress isn’t just for blogging

At one time, WordPress was primarily a blogging platform, and even today it retains its blogger credibility as the go-to place to launch a new corporate blog. However, WordPress has significantly expanded what is possible with the platform. For example, one hot area for WordPress now is e-commerce, and more than one-quarter (28%) of all online stores worldwide are now powered by WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress e-commerce plugin that enables people to start selling items from a storefront in less than 5 minutes. Whether you need a blog, an e-commerce store, or an informational website with your contact information, WordPress can do it.

#5: WordPress was built with responsiveness in mind

In today’s mobile-centric world, you want a website that looks as good on a tablet or smartphone as it does on a desktop. That’s why WordPress is so powerful – all of the newest, most popular themes for WordPress are now created with responsive design in mind. What this means is that a WordPress theme automatically detects what type of digital device is being used to display the website, and then automatically displays the website in the most optimal way possible. This means in practical terms that users with big thumbs aren’t going to be frustrated with the overall site experience – they won’t continually have to pinch-and-zoom to read text, and big beautiful photos will “pop” on their screen. Your website will become a seamless, scrolling experience with whichever device your viewers chooses to use with WordPress

#6: Plugins add a ton of features to your WordPress site

If there’s one “secret sauce” to WordPress, it’s all the plugins that are available. There are now more than 50,000 plugins in the official WordPress directory, and these plugins cover just about every major feature that you could imagine. Some of the more popular plugins include:

  •      Yoast SEO (SEO optimization)
  •      Akismet (comment spam)
  •      Contact Form 7 (beautifully designed forms)
  •      NextGen Gallery (visual galleries for product photos)
  •      WordFence (cyber security to protect against malware and hackers)
  •      Elementor (Page Builder)

While these plugins might not be household names for many small business owners, they are extremely popular. How popular? Well, let’s just say that has already recorded more than 1 billion total downloads of plugins created by developers. These plugins help to ensure that no two sites are alike, and that you are in full control of how a site performs.

There are thousands of plugins made specifically to better improve the design or functionality of your WordPress site. Head over to the plugin tab on your WordPress dashboard and browse the thousands of plugins at your disposal.

WordPress Plugin Library

#7: WordPress has numerous page builders

Page builders enable you to edit pages via enhanced drag-and-drop functionality. Some of the more popular page builders include:

  •   Elementor (our favorite)
  •   Beaver Builder
  •   Divi Builder
  •   WPBakery Page Builder

Of these, Elementor is the clear favorite. There are now over 1 million active installs of Elementor on There’s a lot to love about Elementor, including powerful features, creative styling options, and a flawless visual interface that makes adding and organizing new content very easy.

#8: WordPress is growing

Lastly, one of the biggest selling points of WordPress is the fact that it is continually growing, backed by a huge global ecosystem of users and developers. One sign of this is that 22% of new domains in the U.S. are now powered by WordPress. Think about that for a moment – it means that one in five small businesses launching every day are likely running their websites on WordPress. Moreover, WordPress is also the fastest-growing CMS, with 500+ new sites built daily. (Yes, you read that right – daily). In comparison, there are only 60-80 new Shopify or Squarespace websites built daily.


As you can see, WordPress is one of the world’s most popular and dynamic tools for getting individuals and businesses onto the Internet. Best of all, WordPress is highly scalable, due to all the plugins and themes that are available. What this means for your small business is that you can keep your website fresh and up-to-date very easily. It also means that if you come up with a great idea for your website on Friday, you can have the new feature ready to go by Monday morning. You’ll literally be leaving the competition behind when you use WordPress.

Well, that’s everything you should know before getting started with WordPress. Want to learn even more about WordPress? Check out our recent post Should You Use WordPress for Your Small Business” to see if WordPress is right for your business. 

Interested in getting started with WordPress for your business’ website? Get started with WordPress today! Contact us now to learn more!

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