Small Business SEO | What is it and Why does Your Business Need It?

Have you ever wondered what SEO is and how it could benefit your business? In this post you will learn what local SEO is and the benefits of utilizing SEO for your small business to attract new customers in your area.


With that being said, let’s get started!

Small Business SEO (What is it?)

First of all, SEO isn’t only for the large companies. SEO can be used for businesses of all sizes whether you have a small, local business or a fortune 500 company. Now SEO, what is it? Search Engine Optimization is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website organically. Small business SEO or in better terms, local SEO, is best used for optimizing local search engine results for local businesses. When someone searches something along the lines of “New Orleans A/C repair” New Orleans A/C companies will appear in the Google search results and so on. This is particularly important for businesses that deal with local customers. Small Business SEO allows for your business to be found organically through the use of search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


For any small business trying to attract more customers and grow in size, local search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular digital marketing strategy that has a proven track record of success.

5 Reasons Why Should You Invest in Small Business SEO

#1: Improve Rankings in Google

Let’s start with the obvious – SEO is primarily focused on boosting your rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your goal as a small business is to appear on the first page of Google search results. When customers are typing in search queries like “best plumbing service near me” or “quick air conditioning repair,” chances are that they will only consider businesses listed on the first page of search results. So SEO marketing is all about making sure that you appear on the first page of the most relevant search results.

Google Search Results for Analytics

#2: Boost traffic to your website

A corollary of #1 above is that improved search ranking performance necessarily leads to higher website traffic. This makes sense, right? The higher you appear in search, the more likely it is that people will find you, and thus the more likely it is that they will click on the link to your website. That’s how improved SEO performance can lead to a torrent of new website visitors. For any small business, Google can account for nearly two-thirds of all website traffic to your site. So shouldn’t you be leveraging this key source of traffic?

#3: Optimize Overall Site Performance

Many people assume that Google SEO is really just about keywords and links. But here’s the thing – Google rewards websites that are optimized for performance because Google wants to make it very easy for visitors to find what they need. Therefore, good SEO also involves re-thinking the inner workings of your website so that it has great content and structure.

That’s where tools like Yoast SEO, a popular WordPress plugin, can become so valuable. If you’ve built your website with WordPress, Yoast SEO enables you to optimize your website for performance. For example, it will analyze the readability of copy on your site, it will help in generating unique URLs so that Google does not penalize you for duplicate content, and it will help to clean up “404 Page Not Found” errors. All of this helps your overall SEO performance. Want to download Yoast SEO to your WordPress website? Visit the plugin tab on your WordPress dashboard and search for “Yoast SEO”. It should look something like this. 

Yoast SEO Plugin in the Elementor Library

#4: Boost Trust and Credibility of Your Business

Good SEO is all about building trust and credibility for your small business’ website. It does this by making sure that your website has the look and feel of a trustworthy business. This means you are generating unique, authoritative content that has real value. It means your website is well-organized and information on products or services are easy to find. As a result, customers will be more willing to buy from you. Google’s algorithm rewards trustworthy websites with frequently updated content so make sure to keep this in mind when designing your website. 


#5: Generate a Higher ROI for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

And, of course, if you are selling products or services on your website, SEO can help to deliver much higher Return on Investment (ROI) for your digital marketing strategy. If you are generating more website traffic, and simultaneously building a trusted and credible website, then it is clear that you will also see a bump in sales. The best part about all this, of course, is that it all happens “organically.” In other words, you’re generating all of these inbound marketing leads without any advertising. Instead of running ads on local TV or social media platforms for your small business, it all happens via the magic of Google. You are literally creating potential new customers for your business while you sleep.


As can be seen above, there are plenty of benefits of investing in SEO. That’s especially true if you are building a website with WordPress, which has a number of tools (including Yoast SEO) for optimizing SEO performance. Within a shorter period of time than you ever imagined, you will be attracting new visitors to your site and converting them into customers. That’s an unbeatable value proposition for any small business.

Have you wondered if you should use WordPress for your small business? Check out our recent blog post “Should You Use WordPress For Your Small Business?” to see if WordPress is the right platform for your business.

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