How We Ranked Locally For New Orleans SEO

How We Ranked Locally For New Orleans SEO in 90 Days

In under 90 days, we were able to rank #1 for New Orleans SEO. In this post, we are going to show you how we did it.

Let’s get started.

So, when someone is typing in New Orleans SEO, they are generally looking for an SEO agency in the New Orleans area. Pretty simple right?

A couple of months ago when we were looking to rank my website locally, we decided to target the keyword (New Orleans SEO) in our local area.

To do this, we followed a few simple steps and we’re going to show them below.

How We Ranked Locally in Under 90 Days

How we ranked locally in New Orleans

First things first, we committed ourselves to a keyword. Dedicate yourself to ranking for the keyword you are after and understand that it takes time. 

Next, we started looking at the first page of Google for New Orleans SEO. We started looking at why the top rankings were ranking at the top spots. The goal here is to understand why they are ranking in the top positions.

We realized that the results for the keyword “New Orleans SEO” were nothing special with lots of similar content. So, we figured it would be relatively easy for us to come in and take that ranking.

So, we started creating the page on our WordPress website and named the URL and the title, New Orleans SEO. It’s important that your title and URL represent the keyword you are going after.

Now, the Google search engine can start to read my URL and title tag and understand fully what my page is about.

Then, we created the necessary content for the page. Our team went ahead and added approximately 1,600 words. We also included New Orleans SEO in some strategic places like the H1 tag, H2 tag, and added a little keyword density on New Orleans SEO. Nothing crazy.

If you go to or New Orleans SEO Wobu Web, you’ll see that there is not a lot of keyword density on the page. It actually looks very natural.

Creating Web 2.0s

Once we had the content created, we went ahead and created Web 2.0s and purchased links from places like Fiverr and guest post links.

If you aren’t familiar with what Web 2.0s are, these are things like a Tumblr account, WordPress blog, Medium account, etc.

When we were building out my Web 2.0s we made sure we were just linking to my New Orleans SEO URL that we actually wanted to rank.

Now, even though we bought the links and waited for some time, the New Orleans SEO page only made it to the third page. However, now that we were on the third page, we knew it was possible to achieve a first page ranking.

Local SEO Strategy

Our team started to think about some strategy as to how we can get on the first page without buying any more backlinks and without using any more money.

So, what did we do?

We networked and spoke with peers close to us to tap into the largest SEO secret no one is telling you.

The secret is simply put, if people search for a keyword inside of Google, and click on your website after making the search you get the position rankings and your competitor doesn’t.

It’s a popularity game.

The more people that click and browse around on your website the higher your rankings will be on Google. Google will begin to think that you are “popular” and will begin to rank you higher in the search engines.

We networked and spoke with people about our New Orleans SEO page. Of course, those that we networked with and our peers tested us by typing in New Orleans SEO in the Google search bar. After speaking with us, they went ahead and clicked on our page to see exactly what I was doing.

Within a matter of 30 or so days, we were able to achieve the first page results we were after. This was all because people were clicking and spending time on our website instead of our competitors.

More importantly, not only were people typing in New Orleans SEO into Google and visiting our website, but they were typing in New Orleans SEO Wobu Web.

So, you see it’s the keyword plus the branded phrase. This indicates to Google that we are the applicable result for New Orleans SEO.

In my opinion, this is the best indicator as to why we were able to achieve the 1st overall spot.


This is all a part of Google’s initiative of RankBrain, which is basically an artificial intelligence that Google has created to robotically see the popularity of a website without engaging in links or content. Just pure popularity.

Neil Patel did a great job of this a while back when he put up an Instagram ad of an attractive girl holding a sign that said: “Who is Neil Patel”. This forced his visitors to search into Google “Who is Neil Patel”. Doing this, he received these very important branded relevancy links which helped the RankBrain AI that we all should be focused on.


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Now What?

Lastly, we focused on internal linking. Now that we have the position, we need to make sure we keep the position by sending it internal relevancy links from our actual website.

We would mention that we service New Orleans and include a link to our New Orleans SEO page on our blog posts to increase the branded relevancy.

Google likes to test a lot of little things so it’s common that they’ll throw something on the first page of google and they’ll test it. If the website doesn’t abide by what they want they will push it back to the bottom of the first page.

This could be because of clicks, dwell time or poor user experience.

Once we got the position, it was important that we made sure that we kept that position by implementing a strategic internal linking strategy to that page. This will allow you to maintain your rankings over time.

Doing so will make sure you don’t have any bad links pointing to your site.

Ranking for these local keywords is actually easier than one might think. Just about anyone can do it if they have the time and patience. The most important factors to consider are the popularity of your page and the overall amount of branded relevancy your website is receiving.

Focus on these and follow other common SEO guidelines and you can expect similar rankings on a local level in a matter of months.

If you learned something new from this post, please leave a comment below and let us know what it was. We look forward to seeing your comments and suggestions.

If you are interested in SEO Services in New Orleans, feel free to reach out to me or visit my website.

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Aaron Traub

Aaron Traub

Aaron Traub is the owner of Wobu Web. Aaron has a passion for ranking websites locally and improving the overall online presence for local businesses.


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