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8 Ways to Increase Your Website Conversions in 2019

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Website Conversions

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Learn How to Increase Website Conversions

How well is your website converting?

Do you know how to increase your website conversions so more people contact your business on a consistent basis?

How well your website converts is the #1 online marketing effort that will have the biggest effect on your business.

Your website is your hub. It’s where everyone ends up before they call your business. What’s the point of driving traffic to your website if your visitors don’t convert?

If you own a small business, the conversion element we want to focus on most is calls.

Yeah, you get leads via chat and web forms, but the biggest website conversion element is calls.

In this article, we are going to break down 8 conversion factors to consider for your business’ website.

1. Design Your Website to Speak to Your Customer Target.

In order to increase website conversions, every website should speak to the fear, concerns, and frustrations that they’re customer target haves.

Who is your ideal customer? What problems are they facing before they reach your website?

Most websites talk about services and technical jargon but miss the opportunity to connect with the customer on a personal level. Design your websites content to answer your customer targets questions and concerns.

Optimizing your website this way will separate your website from your competitors and will also increase overall website conversions.

2. Be Real and Authentic

Secondly, the best websites have imagery. This includes images of their team, owner, products, office, etc.

Most of your competitor’s websites have stock photos that are easy to spot. Separate yourself will real and authentic imagery.

Authenticity works really well because people want to do business with people they like and trust.

Also, your website can include multimedia. Have videos of yourself walking visitors through your website, talk about your different services, and why should someone choose you over the competition.

Not only will this increase website conversions, but it will increase the number of time visitors spend on your website. This looks good in the eyes of Google, therefore increasing your chance of higher search rankings.

3. Leverage Social Proof

What are other people saying about your business?

What reviews are people leaving on Facebook, Google, Angie’s List, or Home Advisor? Pull your reviews off of other sites and put it on your website to increase your social proof.

No one wants to work with a company if they have zero reviews online. Leverage your social proof to increase trust among website visitors with the intention of increasing website conversions.

4. Change the Placement of Your Phone Number

This is one that is so easy, but I see far too many websites failing to do.

Place your business’ phone number on the top right corner of your website on every page (eyes typically navigate there). Some people come to your website only for your phone number. Make sure it’s easily seen so they can give your business a call.

Also, include web forms on your website. Makes it easy for your visitors to enter their name, phone number, and situation. Not everyone is in a situation where they want to call your office.

The more ways to contact your business the better. Just make it as easy as possible to increase those website conversions!

5. Leverage Credibility Signals

Potential customers want to work with credible businesses. That’s common sense.

Your website needs to include any awards, certifications, and achievements you’ve achieved over the years.

You can include things like BBB (Better Business Bureau), Angie’s list, Home Advisor certifications or any awards your business has won.

Your credibility will rise, therefore your website conversions will to.

6. Include Clear Calls to Action

This is a common one, but too many websites fail to tell what website visitors to do. You could have the best-looking website in the world, but if you don’t have a clear call to action, your website visitors will leave your website.

Tell your website visitors exactly what to do next. Include clear calls to actions at the bottom of every block of text.

Create token offerings and coupons such as get $20 off when you call us for your drain cleaning job today – have it incorporated on all services pages.

You are in control here. What do you want your website visitors to do? Include a call to action that fit your business. Your call to actions could include:

  • Call Us
  • Email Us
  • Live Chat (Talk Now With A Specialist)
  • Fill Out This Form

The possibilities are endless. It’s on you for you to decide what call to action is best for your business.


This is an example I took from the home page of my website. As you can see there is an option to speak with an expert from my team.

7. Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Optimize your website to look and function well on mobile devices. Almost 60-70% of visitors to your website are getting there via their mobile phone.

Having a website optimized for mobile is a huge conversion factor (it also looks good in the eyes of Google).

Also, you should include an easy click to call function. Your website visitors don’t want to browse your website’s pages to find your phone number. Make it as easy as possible to call your business from any page on your website.

8. Considering Leveraging Live Chat

Have you considered adding live chat to your website?

Live chat could be a great addition to a website to increase website conversions.

Have someone on your team to chat with website visitors to answer basic questions with the intent to get them to leave a phone number.

Live chat can increase the personal connection between your business and a website visitor, however, it has been known to slow down website speed. Test it out and see if it works for your business.

One of my favorite live chat solutions to use is Tidio. They offer a live chat service up to 100 free monthly messages. It’s a great solution to get started if you decide to use live chat on your website. Here is what it looks like below.

Tidio Live Chat

Well, there it is. That’s 8 conversion factors to consider adding to your website. Website conversions are rarely talked about versus marketing efforts like social media marketing, PPC, or SEO.

However, it’s the most important factor to consider before you invest your time and money into these marketing efforts. You’ll end up wasting money on these marketing channels if your website isn’t optimized correctly for conversions

Focus on optimizing your website for conversions, then invest in the marketing channels of your choice.

Converting visitors into conversions isn’t as hard as it is made out to be so there is no reason not to add the 8 website conversion factors above to your website.

Try these out and let me know what you think in the comments.

Does your business need a website that is optimized for website conversions? Speak with a team member today!

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