Building Conversion Based Websites for Companies that Drive Vans

While this might sound like an unusual thing to say, this is the only way that I can describe it… We specialize in building websites for companies that drive vans. 

HVAC Website Design

What we've Noticed

Over the years, we have worked with an array of businesses, including plumbers, construction companies, carpenters, electricians, and roofers among others. 

One thing that we have come to realize that is unique, but similar amongst all our local clients in the home services industry is that they all drive vans. This explains our earlier statement of building websites for companies that drive vans. Home service businesses and traders who provide services within their local area tend to reap the best results when we work hand in hand. These types of businesses usually include:

• Plumbing
• Construction
• Carpentry
• Doors 
• Roofing
• Windows
• Driveways
• Landscaper
• Removals
• Electrical Contracting
• Bathroom Design/Fit
• Kitchen Design/Fit

Why do these Home Service Businesses Need a Website Design Company?

  • High Demand Online
  • Less Competition Online 
  • Their Time is Limited
  • Local SEO is powerful 
  • Consumers Expect It
  • A Website is Crucial for Building your Brand 
  • Improves Credibility

High Demand Online

Throughout the years that we have been creating websites for home service businesses, we have noted that such businesses receive very many searches online by consumers who are actively looking for what they offer. Therefore, having a website allows you to sell more to your existing and new clients. It gives your target audience the chance to buy at their own time. It also helps improve customer retention by providing personalized experiences for each client.

Less Competition Online

Another thing we have realized is that even though there are other home service businesses that already have an online presence, the quality of their presence is generally lower than in other industries.

A great example of this is heating and cooling. Having created websites for businesses in this niche, we have found that it is a lot easier to break through online in these trades. Therefore, with a robust conversion-focused web design, great content, and keyword research to help your business get found by both search engines and your target audience, the end results can be exponentially better than your other marketing efforts.

Your Time is Limited

Unlike businesses that sell physical products that can be warehoused and shipped when the demand arises, as a service business, the amount of services you can provide is limited by time. 

Remember, as a service business, you are the product. Therefore, you are selling your time with the promise of a particular result. If you pause to sleep, eat and engage with your family, this means that you will be limited to 8 hours of work per day, which is not sufficient. 

Although the time for home service businesses is limited, a robust website will save you time. Since a website is available to consumers round the clock, it allows you to showcase the reliability of your services, allowing you to gain more business. Hence, even when your business closes its doors overnight, your website will be busy marketing your brand to prospects and existing clients. 

A well built and optimized website can bring your company more business as it allows you to spend less time looking for work, and more of it making money. 

Local SEO Works Wonders

All the businesses mentioned above provide their services on-site in their local area. Therefore, if for instance, a consumer needs a landscaper, they are highly likely to search “Landscaper near me” or landscapers in New Orleans. What this means is that if such a van-driving business in New Orleans has a good online presence on Google, it can be effective in passively generating new quality leads and businesses to their site. 

Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a website for the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) in order to rank higher for local audiences. If you think local SEO could benefit your local business, hiring New Orleans SEO experts may be a good option for you.

Consumers Expect It

Consumers are increasingly going online to find the information they need and taking action directly from search results. A survey by the Local Search Association shows that most consumers expect local businesses to have a website. 

The Local Search Association’s study on the digital consumer found that 63% of consumers used their website to find a local business and interact with it. Therefore, as a service business, you need to have a strong online presence, waiting for prospects looking for your services, and ready to serve them. 

Your Website is Crucial for Building Your Brand

Regardless of the niche that you specialize in, it is impossible to build a professional image of your brand without a website. 

A website is your online storefront or office, and since it is an owned media channel, you retain full control of the site. Most consumers today will look for your domain to get a feel of your brand. And if done well, your website can help you showcase your values, culture, and authority in the industry. 

A Website Builds Credibility

When you build a professional website for your local business, you are basically giving your business a chance to tell consumers why they should trust you through testimonials from previous clients, improving your chances of getting more clients. 

Today’s consumer starts their search for a service company online to check the credibility first. Therefore, when you provide excellent service and you get positive feedback on your site, a word about your business is more likely to spread. This, in turn, will deliver more new and repeat business, allowing you to expand. 

At the end of the day, we all need to get our homes serviced. So even if you are the best handyman in the world, at some point, you will need to adapt to the growing online consumer trends. 

It is important for all businesses to have a website. And, the more professional the website is, the more advantages the businesses will enjoy. To stand out on the market, you will need to start focusing on your digital marketing efforts, with creating a website being at the top of the list. 

If you are a van driving business that is looking to increase your business through quality online leads, we are your company. We are a home services website design company that provides expertise and opportunities for van driving businesses to expand their growth and effectively monetize their websites online.

We Would Love to Hear Your Thoughts

Do you think a website is an important part of your local business? As a consumer, would you be put off doing business with a local business that does not have its own website? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section!

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